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Safety is our number one priority!

The Freckled Frog has always been known for our attention to cleanliness and child safety and since the covid-19 outbreak we have taken extra measures to make sure our studio is somewhere that everyone will feel safe. Below we have laid out our safety plan as we have enacted it at all locations. If you have any questions or concerns about our safety protocol please call or email us at anytime and we would be happy to go over it with you!

  • Squares for each student to dance on that are 6 feet apart from the squares surrounding it in all directions.

    • If squares cannot be six feet apart they are separated by plastic barriers​

  • Prop bags for combo classes so each dancer has their own props and they will no longer borrow anything from the studio

  • Masks are to be worn when entering and exiting the building. Once inside and on a spot the mask may be taken off and put back on upon exiting class. 

  • Parent and me classes for the 2-3 year old levels

    • One parent will come into the class with their child and sit on the floor with their child to help keep them on their dance square​

  • One parent in class for 3.5-6 year old levels

    • One parent may sit in class for the 3.5-6 year age levels in one of our chairs that are separated by 6 feets

  • Drop off for LEAP classes

    • LEAP students will be dropped off at the front door of the studio and picked up at their designated door to avoid crossing paths with the class after them. If they are in back to back classes they may stay in their classroom.​

  • Classroom sanitation after each class

    • Teachers will take 15 minutes in between classes to sanitize the dance squares and anything else that has been touched by students.​

  • Touch-less environment

    • Students will stay in their spot for the duration of class and will not have to leave at any point. This way they will not be touching anything unless they need to use the restroom. If they do they will directed there by a staff member. 

  • Credit payments only

    • We will no longer be accepting cash or check payments in studio. All payments will be made by card through the parent portal and tuition payments will be auto debited on the first of every month. ​

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