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Acrobatic arts dancer doing the splits while standing on her head


Freckled Frog is a certified  Acrobatic Arts Studio. This program is recognized worldwide as the leading training program for dancers and is a part of our LEAP Academy. This syllabus has been praised by “Cirque du Soleil!”

We have 6 levels of classes. As our Acro students grow and pass exams we will add more levels to our schedule. Please read through the levels below. Each level has a suggested age next to it, however, ALL students must start with primary level exercises. This program is based on progression training. You must master the first step in order to take the next step.

The dress code for Acro is clothing they can move in bare feet and hair in a Bun. Please make sure to bring your child water so that they can stay hydrated throughout the class.

Buena Park


Santa Ana

Acrobatic Arts dancer
Acrobatic Arts group
Acrobatic Arts Dancer in green cheetah print costume
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