Stacy Reese 


12 years ago Miss Stacy went on a hunt for a dance studio for her then 3 year old daughter. She wanted a fun dance class where her daughter could learn to love dance, gain balance and coordination skills and where she could watch the class. What she found was that classes were to strict for younger dancers and that she was not allowed to stay and enjoy her daughters experience in class.  She could not find a place that offer this type of class and with her daughter being shy she ultimately did not want to go back which was heartbreaking.  A few years passed and Miss Stacy knew there was a need for this type of program so her and her Mom Miss Carol started the Freckled Frog and the rest is history. Miss Stacy grew up from the age of 4 an artistic roller skater skating 4 hours a day 6 days a week and dancer. After graduating high school she attended Fullerton College where she got her degree in paralegal studies and worked thereafter for The Irvine Company. Although dance may not be every child's path as they  grow the benefits will help them in many aspects of there life. Miss Stacy's hope is that the Freckled Frog program brings many memories for children and there parents. 

Josh Reese


Josh is the co-owner of The Freckled Frog. In his role, he looks after all aspects of the finances, maintenance, cleaning and so much more. He have been around the studio since the beginning, but only as a part time helper and advisor as he had been pursuing a career in property management. He had worked with The Irvine Company for 12 years which is where he met his wife Stacy. While working at The Irvine Company, he learned quite a bit about customer service and having high standards. During his time there he had been honored three times with the “People Service People” award which is the highest customer service award. Helping people is something that Stacy and Josh are always passionate about. In 2016 he left The Irvine Company to help Stacy with the studio as it was growing so fast. He is passionate about supporting Stacy and the incredible dance instructors. Although he am rarely seen at the studios, he visits them all the time fixing this or painting that in the early and late hours. He is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the studios. His hopes are for the dancers, parents, and instructors to always feel comfortable in the studios as if it was their second home. 

Stephanie Gomes


Miss Stephanie started dancing at the La Mirada Resource Center with Miss Carol and Miss Stacy when she was seven years old. She made her way back to dance in high school, performing with her school's Advanced Dance team. She was also captain of her high school's color guard team, under the instruction of Miss Sara! Miss Stephanie started teaching at the Freckled Frog right after graduating high school and has been teaching here for over six years now! After years of going to school and teaching at the studio, Miss Stephanie earned her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential through Cal State Fullerton. She is excited to have her own elementary school classroom someday soon! Teaching such sweet, little dancers over the last six years at the Freckled Frog has solidified Miss Stephanie's passion for wanting to pursue teaching! Miss Stephanie is thankful to work at her family's studio and have a hand in her students' love of dance. 

Sara Birnbaum


Miss Sara has been with the Freckled Frog for five years. She danced all through high school through being involved in her school's dance academy and colorguard. Right after graduating high school she got a job coaching colorguard at La Habra High School and has been doing that ever since. Through that job she met Miss Stephanie who brought her into the Freckled Frog family. She has recently graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Communications and a Specialization in Public Relations. In early 2019 she was promoted from dance teacher to office manager and is super excited to start the next leg of her Freckled Frog journey!

Briana Hare


Bri Hare started working for Freckled Frog Dance Studio a little over 3 years ago. She studied dance and choreography at Humboldt State University, as well as many dance studios throughout her childhood. Passionate about dance, the transition from working at a traveling dance company to Freckled Frog was easy and fitting. In her free time, Bri likes to gallivant through various theme parks with her best friend, Justin (it inspires creativity!). She also likes to attend the theater to see musicals, mostly the ones that star her friends, and loves promoting live, on-stage performances. Grateful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing establishment, Bri makes sure to do her best to inspire these young dancers and improve their technique. Always remember "dance is magic!"

Maxine Weidner


Maxine Weidner brings the experience of 20 years as a professional dancer, and 20 years as a teacher, to her classes at Freckled Frog-Leap Academy. She began dancing at age 3 in Houston, Texas, and has studied ballet, tap, acrobatics, and jazz. At an early age, Maxine moved to New York City to further her dance career. There she was on scholarship with Madame Maria Nevelska at Carnegie Hall Studio. Maxine danced in the ballet company at Radio City Music Hall, then toured with Disney On Parade-Alice Unit,understudying the lead dancer. Then began her career at Disneyland as dancer and line captain at the Golden Horseshoe Revue. This led to a solo as Mary Poppins on TV's Academy Awards, and 6 months in Japan for the opening of Tokyo Disneyland. After marrying and having her 2 children, Maxine began teaching, and today enjoys teaching ballet at Freckled Frog-Leap Academy.

Traci Bunn


Traci Bunn had her first taste of the spotlight at the young age of 3 and since then she had never turned away the opportunity to perform. Growing up in her neighborhood dance studio she began participating in dance competitions at the age of 5 and quickly found a love of Tap and Jazz, her talent blossomed. Traci began adding other dance styles to her repertoire. In High School, Hip Hop and Contemporary began to make their appearance and at Fullerton College her love of dance turned into a passion for teaching and it wasn't long before she realized this is what she want meant to do. During the past 9 years Traci has taught at several dance studios and even coached a high school dance team. Teaching various dance styles including Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Technique and African. Traci believes that if you love what you do you won't let anything discourage you.

Kylie Harris


Miss Kylie was born in Long Beach, California where she began dancing at the age of 2! Since the beginning she had a love for tap dance. By the age of 8 she was asked to join the world-renowned Kennedy Tap Company at Universal Dance Design in Los Angeles, California where she studied under Paul and Arlene Kennedy and Master teacher Savion Glover. During her time with the company she also performed at the Harriet Tubman Awards. In 2010, she was accepted into the Orange County School of the Arts where for 4 years she studied Commercial Dance. While attending OCSA, she performed with Matthew Morrison from GLEE in the annual Gala events and studied many different dance styles as well. After graduating from OCSA, Kylie attended Mt. San Antonio College as a Dance Major under directorship of Michelle Shear, Amy Nakamura, and Lee Martino. After 3 years, she received her Dance Teaching Certifications. Miss Kylie transfered to Cal State Fullerton and is Graduating in the Spring with her B.A. in Dance with a focus in teaching. Miss Kylie loves exploring all styles of dance but really has a love for TAP! She belives that anything is possible if you put your heart into it. All of her students hold such a special place in her heart.