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Competition Teams

The competition team is about motivating young minds to be the best that they can be. This special program is designed for dancers who strive to accomplish a higher level of dance training than just a recreational dancer. To us it's not just about dance education; it's total education. Team dancers learn life skills through performances, working as a team, and accomplishing goals for themselves throughout the year. Performances include community events, competitions, and being showcased at recitals. All participants are part of a wonderful team of friends, all of whom are striving to be the best they can be. Competition season usually runs from February through May. Auditions for upcoming seasons are held in July.

What makes our teams different:

  • We focus on technique - not just tricks

  • We teach children teamwork and the value of working hard to acomplish goal 

  • We provide each student with personalized attention 

  • We do not allow bare midriffs

  • We stay away from suggestive movements

  • We focus on a family friendly enviroment

  • Our teachers are positive, motivating, and bring out the best in each child.

Competition Teams Dancers in black and pink
Dancer leaping through the air cropped
Competition Teams Dancer
Competition Teams Ballet Dancer in blue
Competition Teams Hip Hop Dancer
Its all about me competition dancer
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