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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my child start dance at anytime?
    Yes. We do not have sessions at the studios. You can register your child at any time and bring them in for their free trial to the following class.
  • What should my dancer wear to their first class/is there a dress code?
    For the trial class, just bring them in something they can move in. If you do not have dance shoes for the trial class thats fine they can just wear regular shoes, socks, or be barefoot. If your child enjoys the class and wishes to continue coming, the dress code varies depending on which class your child is taking. For more information on dress codes specific to the class your child is in please refer to that class's page on this website.
  • Does hair have to be in a bun?
    The only classes the require hair in a bun are the LEAP Academy ballet and Acro classes. Other than that please make sure your childs hair is pulled back so that they are able to see clearly and focus on class.
  • Where can I purchase shoes and other dance attire?
    We have our own online stor through Revolution Dancwear that you can purchase all the dancewear you need for class. You can purchase everything online and it will all be shipped to your house.
  • Am I allowed to stay in the room to watch?
    We do allow one parent of 2-6y Freckled Frog dancers to stay in the room and watch their children dance. Once your child enters the LEAP Academy classes, however, we do ask that parents leave the room for the duration of the class as to not be a distraction to the dancers.
  • Can I take pictures/video during class?
    You are more the welcome to snap some pictures and record as much as you'd like during class but we ask that you do so from your seat and keep the flash and shutter sound off so that it does not become a distraction for the students.
  • How much is monthly tuition?
    When you first register you will pay a one time $25 registration/Membership fee. Tuition is typically $65 a month and will be autodebited from a card that you put on file on the first of every month. For more information on tuition rates please click here to be redirected to our tuition page.
  • How do I pay tuition?
    When you register for a class you will put a card on file on your parent portal. Each month on the first of the month tuition will be autodebited from that card. You can change your card at any time through your parent portal or by calling in to the studio. For more information on tuition rates please click here to be redirected to our tuition page.
  • If I miss a class, how do I schedule a make up?"
    If you miss a class we do offer make up classes. A free make up class must be within 30 days of your absense and be on a different day/time than your regularly scheduled class. Simply head to your parent portal, click on makeups/absences, and there you can schedule any absences you have coming up as well as any makeup classes. You can also send us an email with the day and time of make up and we can schedule it for you. Do not show up for a makeup without first scheduling it.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you would like to cancel your class, send and email to prior to the 1st of the month so that we don't charge you for the following month. There will not be any refunds given for mid-month drops.
  • If we will be out of town, can I not pay for one or two classes that month?"
    No, if you know you will be missing classes you may do make up classes to make sure you get your money's worth for that month.
  • How will I know when my dancer is ready to move up a level?
    Your child's teacher will let you know when your child is ready. If you think your child is ready and you are curious if its the right time, ask their teacher and see what they suggest.
  • What is the difference between Freckled Frog classes and LEAP classes?
    The Freckled Frog classes are our 2-6y program filled with combo classes. Once a child is old enough they will move onto our LEAP Academy where they can take a broad range of classes that are longer and more focused on a specific style for the entirity of the class.
  • If my child is nervous or having trouble focusing, am I allowed on the dance floor?"
    Yes, we actually encourage this! Please feel free to come out with your child as much as possible when they begin until they get acquainted with the class. Sometimes just having mom or dad out there with them is all it takes to get them to start enjoying the class.
  • When are recitals?
    We have two recitals a year, one in June and one in December. Sign ups for the June recital take place in February to mid March and sign ups for the December recital take place in September to mid October. For more information about out upcoming recital, click here.
  • How do I register for recitals?
    You register through your parent portal or through the app by going to the events calendar and finding the date of the recital and then regitstering for the appropriate link. Links are sepearated by studio locaiton. We will always send out emails leading up to recitals with all the information on how to register for that specific one. For more information about out upcoming recital, click here.
  • How do I know if my child is ready for a recital?
    Our recitals are open to any and every dancer. Stage experience is great for dancers of all ages and can bring even the shyest dancers out of their shells. If you are nervous abou signing your child up for the recital, talk to their teacher about it and get their advice. For more information about out upcoming recital, click here.
  • Where can I watch a video of the recital dances?
    All our dances are available to watch on our youtube channel at thefreckledfrog1 so that your child may practice as much as they want at home!
  • Will there be time after shows for pictures in costume?
    For costumes that are rented,unfortunatly no. Because we have 4 shows in one day, dancers will be changed out of costume immediately after final bows.
  • If I have two children in recital, will they be in the same show?"
    Yes, we put the show orders together by siblings first to make sure they are always together.
  • Can I sample different classes?
    We offer one free trial class per child. If you would like to sample more classes to see which styles your child likes please email the studio and we can set something up.
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