Freckled Frog Dance Studios 

5 Benefits of Dance Recital Participation:

1. Recitals Boost Confidence!

Taking part in a recital or performance helps dancers to overcome shyness, fear, anxiety and stage fright. It gives students a chance to showcase all of their hard work, dedication, and progress from throughout the year. As children experience getting on stage, performing for an audience, and being applauded for their efforts, they gain self-confidence that will carry with them in all aspects of school and life!

2. Recitals Promote Teamwork!

By working with their fellow dancers on a group performance, dancers learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result. Teamwork and camaraderie are skills needed not only in dance class, but also school, future careers, and family life. Because this is a basic skill necessary in all aspects of life, it is never to early to start learning! Recitals provide a wonderful opportunity for dancers to learn that anything one can do, a group can do better!

3. Recitals Provide Goals!

Athletes have tournaments and games, and dancers have recitals! The weeks/months spent preparing for a recital teaches students how to work towards a goal! Dancers take pride in conquering new steps; and knowing that they’ll be showing their moves off to friends and family gives them the added encouragement to work hard!

4. Recitals Build New Skills!

Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on retention/memorization skills, rhythm, technique, and much more. For students who have never performed before, recital introduces new terminology and also the basics of stage direction.

5. Recitals Create Memories!

Recital memories are lifelong memories! Recital performances provide dancers with the opportunity to share what they have been learning with their friends and families. recital pictures become the highlights of photo albums and scrapbooks. For families, recital is a time to celebrate their dancer’s achievements, and for dancers, the recital instills a passion for the art of dancing and performing.


Barnyard Bash and Hoedown

June 10, 2017

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Freckled Frog recitals are FUN, ENCOURAGING and REWARDING! We hold two recitals a year.The 1st week in December which is our winter ballet recital and another the 2nd week in June which is our end of season. Recitals are a great way for the children to show off what they have learned.  Stage presence helps children to overcome shyness, build confidence, and develop their individual personalities. Let's face it we all love seeing our little ones on stage. Join us for our next recital!

Recital Fee Covers but not limited to:

Rental of The facilities
Extra dressing rooms
Sound Equipment
Music Edits
Theater Director, Backstage Crew
Sound/Lighting Technicians
Props/Sets and Backdrops if needed
Award for Achievement Ribbon for children

 Entry Fee into our recitals are only $40.00